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TIRED OF LOSING THE MATE TO YOUR EXPENSIVE SOCKS? Link2sox™ sells top-quality activity socks with its patent-pending "Socklink™" system, which allows you to link your socks together for washing, drying, travel and storage. The Socklink system costs you nothing extra and assures you that you will never have to sort these socks and never experience the frustration of a mateless sock. Buy "Paired socks" not pairs of socks here.

Buy the most comfortable, durable hiking, cycling, training, walking or activity socks from Link2sox and enjoy them for years to come—linked, never lost. Tidy up the planet by keeping those orphan socks from littering roadsides, campgrounds, sewers and laundromats.

Save energy; use cheap solar power. Hang dry our acrylic or Coolmax(TM)socks using Socklinks. They dry 10 x faster than cotton. The link makes them easy to hang-dry anywhere—-backpack, bush or clothesline. Remember, every laundryload you hang dry saves about 2.5KWHr of energy and prevents about a pound of green-house gases and pollutants from hitting the atmosphere.